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Sportique Scooters was founded by Colin Shattuck, Adam Baker and Dustin Gabel after the trio began amassing a client base through word-of-mouth fixing old scooters. Adam and Colin met through the Pub Scouts Scooter Club while Dustin came from Fun and Games S/C in Boulder. They pooled at their resources and rented an old gas station on what Westword referred to as “a remote corner in Northwest Denver” at 32nd Ave and Pecos St. The little Sinclair station was in poor repair and it sat on an unfenced, oil-soaked gravel parking lot. Together the three toiled for four months, cleaning, painting and renovating the building. Sportique Scooters opened on April 1, 1998 and became one of only a small handful of “scooter only” shops in the USA.

Colin’s brother Pete opened our original Boulder location six years later at the corner of 28th and Spruce. A few years later Colin’s high school buddy Jarrod Stuhlsatz approached the guys about opening a third location in Colorado Springs.

In 2006 Colin published a book titled “Red Eyes, Whitewalls and Blue Smoke, the story of scooters in America”. He has also been instrumental in organizing the Mile High Mayhem scooter rally which has taken place each July for the past 20 years.

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Awesome customer service! Someone stole one of my mirrors, and I popped in prepared to pay $50 for a new set. Turns out they’d just gotten in an extra from another customer who was switching out his for a different design. They gave me the left mirror, installed it and didn’t charge me a cent.
Jessica B.
Google Review
Walked, I mean scooted  out of the shop with a scooter, that’s how great our experience was!

The staff here is incredibly knowledgeable and friendly! There is really a no pressure attitude and I truly felt like they were trying to just find the best scooter for us! Jared helped us and walked through the entire process, answered my 100 questions very thoroughly. We have had so much fun riding our scooter and only wish we had gotten here sooner!

Blake L.
Yelp Review
Very knowledgeable and helpful. More concerned with helping save money than anything. Great place to buy and repair your scooter
Michael A.
Google Review
Just got my first scooter yesterday and couldn’t be more pleased with the whole process. We went in to look at another scooter that they were selling for a smokin’ deal but it sold right before we got there. Collin made us an even better deal on an even better scooter! Highly recommend Sportique for all your scooter needs!
Amy H.
Facebook Review
Everyone I’ve dealt with there is a class act. They’ll tell you the truth and are upfront about everything. I will continue being a customer for foreseeable future.
Patrick S.
Google Review
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