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At Sportique we know that our service departments are where the rubber hits the road in terms of how completely our customers enjoy their machines. That’s why you can be assured of the finest maintenance and repair service anywhere when you visit Sportique.

Our Experience

Our service managers have six combined decades of experience  – starting with Vintage Vespa and Lambretta scooters and extending to Modern Vespa, Genuine Scooters, Kymco, Honda and Yamaha. They, along with our technicians, possess more knowledge and training than anybody in Colorado. Having been in business since 1998, there’s nothing our crews haven’t seen.

Our Guarantee

Whether you need a quick tune up, a full service, an oil change or a tire replacement done Sportique offers same day maintenance in most cases. Our turn around times on typical repairs are usually under two weeks depending on parts availability and even complete engine rebuilds are usually delivered within a very small window of time. We back our repairs with a 90 day warranty.

Maintenance & Repair Services

Scooter Maintenance

Maintenance is the key to worry-free scootering. Whether it’s an old or new scooter yours needs occasional love otherwise it’s likely to fail. So don’t let your scooter down. Visit Sportique for same-day “service with a smile” – tuneups and tire changes which are usually completed within three hours if you drop your machine off by 1 pm on weekdays. If you’re not able to make it by then we’ll usually have it ready for you by midday the following day. Sportique technicians are equipped with the most experience in the industry and are guided by processes we have honed through twenty years of scooter-specific service. We know precisely what your individual model requires to keep it tip-top and we won’t keep you waiting.

Scooter Repairs

Prompt and proper diagnosis and repair of non-functioning scooters is Sportique’s specialty. Machines that have been dormant for too long and those that incurred failure during operation present us with our greatest opportunities to shine. Thanks to our two decades of experience there isn’t much that we haven’t seen. Our technicians are experts on all types of overhaul, from basic fuel system purges and cleaning to complete engine teardowns and rebuilds. Even through the busiest of months our objective is always to return your scooter to you, running properly, in the shortest amount of time possible while also patiently insuring that the work is done right.


Maintenance & Repair Services

Electrical Issues

Oil Changes

Drive Train

Engine Repair


Tires & Wheels

& More

Performance Upgrade Services

Performance upgrades are what gets us out of bed in the morning! Nothing is more enjoyable to our “service with a smile” crew than pulling up web sites and dragging out catalogs, putting a plan together and installing hot-rod bits on scooters of all kinds. Whether you have a little 2-stroke Buddy or Rough House and want to add a Malossi 70cc kit along with springs and rollers for a 55 MPH top-speed, add a Technigas exhaust and a fat carb to your Kymco or drop an NCY Super Transmission in your Zuma 125 we know the parts that work from the manufacturers that matter and we know how to install them and tune them the right way for our elevation. Want to go faster? Give us a call. We’ll consult with you, evaluate your needs, choose the right mix of components and install them expertly.

Popular Upgrades

High Performance Exhaust

High Performance Engines

High Performance Transmission


Vintage Scooter Repairs & Restoration Services

When our original store opened on April 1, 1998, at the corner of 32nd ave and Pecos St in North Denver we had just one scooter for sale – a 1980 Vespa P200E (which was sold that day!). We had a backlog of vintage scooter waiting for us, though. At that time Sportique was the only place in the region providing repair services for vintage Vespa and Lambretta scooters. That type of work remains the passion of our business even if it’s no longer our life blood. We offer service for pre-1985 Italian models at a reduced labor rate and we are uniquely skilled. DanO Shattuck at our Denver location and Jarrod Stuhlsatz in Colorado Springs are each recognized nationwide for their talents while JP Gallo in Boulder has carved out a niche by specializing in Vespa smallframes.

Sportique performs a limited number of restorations per year and exclusively between the months of September and February. The Colorado Springs location is booking Lambretta work for the coming restoration season year-round and the Denver store is doing the same with Vespa work. Restorations are most often billed on thirds – a third up front, a third when the paint is complete and a third upon completion. Our restorations have earned acclaim at scooter rallies from coast to coast including at Amerivespa, the Vespa Club of America’s annual meet and at Lambretta Jamboree.


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Why dont we service Chinese brands?

At Sportique we do not offer service for Chinese made “toy grade” scooters such as Tao Tao, Schwinn, VIP, etc. It’s not because we do not wish to be helpful – we do – it’s because we have discovered through trial and error that we cannot deliver the level of quality service we demand of ourselves. The low quality of manufacture of these machines means that we can do our very best and still have them fail afterward. That leads to unhappy customers. Chinese scooters are sold primarily via the web and at the flea market by less-than-scrupulous people who do not provide aftercare. The warranties these scooters come with are “parts only” meaning that the manufacturer will ship you whatever part may have failed but they are not responsible for the installation of those parts. We do carry a large stock of parts and can often recommend a privateer willing to make repairs on Chinese scooters.