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Ride my 50cc scooter in the bike lane?? YES 42-2-103

Police and bicyclists might frown upon it, but according to the Colorado revised statutes 42-2-103 it is in fact legal to ride a 50cc scooter in the bike lanes of Denver. What you cannot do is ride on the sidewalks or the cherry creek bike path so don’t get this law mixed up with what you WANT to do. The idea is all about traffic flow – if you are stuck in rush hour downtown and want to get in the bike lane to better ease through traffic, then you can do so. It’s not so you can speed around bicyclists, so don’t do that. It’s wise to keep a copy of these statutes under the seat of your scooter in case you ever get pulled over or harassed by anyone trying to tell you it’s illegal, which we’ve heard a few stories about.
Knowing the laws and being able to show them makes you smarter and a better citizen in general. As you can see, this same form shows all you need to know when it comes to having a drivers licence too – YES, you need a drivers license. You also need insurance and a low powered scooter sticker, so make sure you have all three of these things as well. The more you know! 🙂


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