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Sportique Gets Social

1 week ago

Sportique Scooters

There’s another new scooter in town! The LANCE Classic Italia 150cc. It’s Integrated LED OEM lights work with the DOT lights. It’s a pretty sweet deal at $2,700 and a two year warranty. It’s quick and extremely comfortable ...


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Not feeling that one at all. I would never spend that kind of money on a 150cc that looks like I'd fall off if someone breathed on me at a stop light.

First one with a 300 manual wins. Heck, the only 300cc tng’s in that classic flavor are the gts’s. If scomadi ever get their shit together on that manual shifty, TAKE MY MONEY!

Lancebretta 😉

Oh! Royal Alloy or This one? Nothing beats a classic Lammie, but these are nice looking.

Not liking all that white, bugs, grime, I want to ride, not spend my time cleaning my ride.

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1 week ago

Sportique Scooters

The restoration is nearly complete on this GS160 MK1 which we have been lovingly progressing with for over two years. We would like to begin courting prospective buyers for this premium machine. Interested parties please contact ...


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ONLY 2 years? Nice job! It looks really good.

Looks nice, three years into my MK1 restoration. Will be probably another year

Wish hadn’t sold mine. That’s a gorgeous restoration. 👍

I’m still looking for one was my very first scooter



I picked up one of those for a case of beer once upon a time....

Wish mine looked like that! ❤️

Dear Gods that's sexy as hell.

What a beauty!

Very nice. Still a 160? No P conversion?

Miss mine

2 years!?!? 😳

Got a video for the kick start and sound?


GS butts drive me nuts. 😍

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3 weeks ago

Sportique Scooters

Pasco. Graphics by Dynamite Graphic ...

Pasco. Graphics by Dynamite GraphicImage attachmentImage attachment


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looks great!

Love it! Does the center stand actually clear that pipe when stowed? I had to make a sidestand

looks sharp!

S83's? 🤔

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