The Details

The newest model in our MQi-Series combines modern style with smart design, and now has space for two. Updated design, easy-to-use controls, built for two riders.

With five colors available, the MQi+ gives you freedom to choose the scooter for your style. Our MQi+ takes the world-class design of the MQi-Series and updated it for two riders. The intelligent LCD dashboard and easy-to-use controls make the MQi+ ideal for your everyday urban commute

The MQi+ has two charging modes and can be fully charged in 7 hours. Equipped with an 18650 power lithium battery, the MQi+ gives you a range of up to 40 miles. The FOC vector controller and BOSCH motor give you instant acceleration. Front and rear disc brakes provide a safe riding experience throughout your journey. We have optimized the performance with a 1200W nominal output motor and smooth acceleration from 0 to 30 mph.

After you have installed the NIU app, you can check the status of your vehicle at any time. With a GPS built into the scooter, you can find your scooter at any time.

Additional Information