Tuesday, 20 February 2018 11:35

Used 2004 Harley FXST $6,500

FXST/I Softail Standard Model Overview 
The Softail Standard is classically and conservatively styled so owners can customize from mild to wild with Harley-Davidson Genuine Parts & Accessories. At its heart is the Twin Cam 88B engine, filled with smooth power. Underneath is the unique suspension, which provides the clean lines of a hardtail with the smooth ride of the Softail. Classic laced wheels, a custom seat and wide handlebars on pull-back risers, give the Softail Standard an authentic look that’s just the starting point for many owners.

Key FXST/I Softail Standard Motorcycle Characteristics

Rigid mount, 1450cc Twin Cam 88B balanced engine 
Silver powder-coated engine 
Hardtail styling with hidden horizontal rear shocks 
Laced wheels 
Black horseshoe oil tank 
Bobtail fender 
Pull back handlebar risers 
Forward foot controls

Tuesday, 20 February 2018 11:20

Used Genuine Buddy 50cc (w/70cc kit) $2,000

The Genuine Buddy is a favorite among everyone - this one has a 70cc kit on it and it's fast! You can expect to get about 50+mph and is perfect for riding around with you and your boo.

Thursday, 15 February 2018 17:41

1962 Vespa VBB 150cc 4 Speed with 2003 engine

Thursday, 15 February 2018 17:16

Vespa P200's ($3,400 each) great for a couple 3

Wednesday, 14 February 2018 15:59

Used 2005 Honda Metro 50cc $1,600

Wednesday, 31 January 2018 15:44

Used 2007 Vespa GTS 250 $2,700

Tuesday, 30 January 2018 12:33

Used 2006 Kymco People 250cc $1,100

This is a Kymco People 250cc has high mileage but not exactly what you'd expect. The dash reads 46,129 km which is 28,663 miles which is pretty great 
It's a highway worthy machine, that is large and in charge. It's a great deal, so act fast

Tuesday, 30 January 2018 12:30

Used Lance Cabo 150cc $1,400

This is sweet little scooter with tons of power. It just came out of service, has new tires and is running top notch!

Tuesday, 30 January 2018 11:07

Kymco People 150cc Green $2,100

Kymco People 150cc with low mileage and is in great shape

Police and bicyclists might frown upon it, but according to the Colorado revised statutes 42-2-103 it is in fact legal to ride a 50cc scooter in the bike lanes of Denver. What you cannot do is ride on the sidewalks or the cherry creek bike path so don't get this law mixed up with what you WANT to do. The idea is all about traffic flow - if you are stuck in rush hour downtown and want to get in the bike lane to better ease through traffic, then you can do so. It's not so you can speed around bicyclists, so don't do that. It's wise to keep a copy of these statutes under the seat of your scooter in case you ever get pulled over or harassed by anyone trying to tell you it's illegal, which we've heard a few stories about.
Knowing the laws and being able to show them makes you smarter and a better citizen in general. As you can see, this same form shows all you need to know when it comes to having a drivers licence too - YES, you need a drivers license. You also need insurance and a low powered scooter sticker, so make sure you have all three of these things as well. The more you know! :) 

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