Suburban Commuting

Suburban Commuting

Great for commuting or hauling a passenger.
The following larger scooters are ideal for riders who seek sufficient power for longer commutes, or caring a passenger around town.

The best keeps getting better! You can't beat a Buddy for its seamless blend of modern technology, practicality, and vintage style.

The new 2012 Buddy 170i. More power per pound than any scooter in its class. Genuine has done it-we've actually IMPROVED on the Buddy 150, a long-time favorite of American scooter fans.

Everything you love about the vintage Vespas and the Stella 150 but fully automatic like a modern scooter! This is the fantasy that became a reality. The peppy little 125 has enough power to take you and your significant other anywhere in town.

Can you get much cooler? A metal bodied classic scooter with all the modern features; spare tire, electronic ignition, 4-stroke, 4-speed, front disc brake, easily carries two.

The like 50's big brother kept all the looks but got much more power. It also has the same great storage including a glove box with cell phone charger, underseat storage for a small helmet, and a big back box. This scooter is hands down the most comfortable scooter for two people in it's class! Come down and have a seat.

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