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SYM Wolf Classic 150cc $3,200 (+tax)

Sportique is thrilled to now be stocking the fantastic SYM Wolf Classic 150cc motorycle. This isn't only the perfect first motorcycle - it's the ideal urban bike for all fans of two-wheeled living. It's awesome in the city thanks to its five-speed gear box and incredible 9,500 RPM redline. The Wolf is zippy and nible - and it's affordable, too. SYM offers the Wolf Classic 150 with a two-year fender to fender warranty for just $3,000 brand new

Why pay up for a clunky old Craigslist Honda when you can have a slick new Wolf 150 for about the same price. Ride your bike instead of fixing it all the time with Sportique - where the Wolf Classic 150 comes from! 



Additional Info

  • Displacement: Displacement
  • Curb Weight: Curb Weight
  • Tires Front: Tires Front
  • Tires Rear: Tires Rear
  • Brakes Front: Brakes Front
  • Brakes Rear: Brakes Rear
  • Chasis: Chasis
  • Front Suspension: Front Suspension
  • Rear Suspension: Rear Suspension
  • Fuel Delivery: Fuel Delivery
  • Fuel Milage: Fuel Milage
  • Fuel Capacity: Fuel Capacity
  • Gearbox: Gearbox
  • Engine Start: Engine Start
  • Seat Height: Seat Height
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