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Colin Shattuck

Colin Shattuck

Now THIS is cool. Sportique is one of only three shops in the USA with the capability to "re-juice" your vintage flywheel. This cool old machine re-magnetizes the flywheel, improving engine spark and increasing electrical flow to lighting systems. Most Vespa and Lambretta scoots will benefit from this service. 

We are offing an introductory price for this service of just $40 

Locals can bring their flywheel in for 24 hour turnaround and national customers can ship their flywheels to us.




After a six year run in Englewood and nearly seventeen years in the Highlands, our journey has taken us to the hipster highway, Broadway. Read about and see photos of the transformation of our new building, which was constructed in 1906.

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The service departments at our Sportique locations in Denver and Englewood have seen a spike in scooters repaired improperly and damaged by unqualified technicians advertising their services on CL.

Most recently we saw a Scarabeo 50 with the wheels torn up from tires having been installed without the use of a tire machine. The paint damage on the wheels was quite extensive. We have seen pistons installed backwards, various forms of Home Depot type hardware used, gaskets made from soda cans, bolts stripped, screws gnarled and more.

We realize that we’re busy during the summertime and that our turn-around times can be frustrating. That’s not a reason to settle for shade tree mechanics without the proper training, tools, facilities, licensing and insurance. When these guys don’t have the proper tool or the proper part they simply “wing it” and the consequences can be bad.

Folks who have already spent hundreds of dollars are paying us hundreds more to unwind hack repairs. Worse, they are finding themselves without their scooters for weeks.

Sportique is not the only good place for service. There are many full-service dealers in the Denver area that are fine alternatives. We do, of course, think we’re the best.

Our old friend Michelle Booth sent us a link to this neat little Vimeo movie that we though y'all might enjoy.


What has two cylinders, eight valves, seven hundred cubic centimeter powerplant and room to take Kareem Abdul-Jabar as a passenger?

The Kymco My Road 700, that’s what.

Slated for introduction late in 2013, this maxi maxi scooter is likely to be dubbed the “Xciting 700” for the American market. A test scooter has already been in the state of Colorado, where it was made available to the motorcycle media. Brian Nelson of put the big scooter though its paces on the roads near Grand Junction and crafted a favorable piece about it. Click here for a the link.

Sportique is accepting deposits on this, the biggest of the big scooters, which we suspect will fetch a price between $7,000 and $8,000.

Sportique has just received its first shipment of the new 2013 Kymco Movie 150 scooters and we’re already predicting box office success for the Taiwanese-made mid-sized sport commuter...

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The 2013 scootering season marks the fifteenth anniversary of Sportique Scooters. In the beginning all we offered was vintage Vespas and Lambrettas and the services and parts associated with them. It was not until our second summer that we began offering new models for sale.

Sportique’s evolution from a “scooter shop” to a dealership began in 1999 with the introduction of the Italjet Velocifero 50 which was being imported from Italy and distributed by an outfit in New York. It was the first modern scooter available in the USA that wasn’t Japanese and didn’t look like a rolling pile of Tupperwear. Despite its shocking price tag the Velocifero sold well and proved to the world that the American scooter market had real potential.

The Velocifero was quickly followed by a range of other Italjet models which were then followed by Italian machines from Malaguti and Aprilia, Spanish made scooters from Derbi, Taiwanese Kymcos and, ultimately, the return of Vespa to the USA in 2001. Soon thereafter even the Japanese were scrambling to make their scooters appealing to Americans. Modern scooter availability in Colorado went from zilch to overwhelming almost over night.

Here are some of the machines that helped us build a business.

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When it comes to finding fast, friendly service for your scooter look no further than Sportique Scooters.

We offer basic services in two hours or less until 4pm Tuesday through Saturday at both of our Metro Denver locations. This includes tune ups, oil changes, tires, brake service and most of the basics required for keeping operational machines in tip-top shape. Pop in. Hang out. Ride away.

Same day service does not include repairs on scooters that cannot be ridden in. As a rule we try to examine every scooter than comes in for repair within two days so that we can make sure we have the necessary parts in stock to complete the task. If parts must be ordered they most often arrive within two weeks, depending on availability.

Scooters requiring repairs for which the necessary parts are already in stock are most often back on the road within two weeks.

Major engine work can take up to two months; this includes Vespa engine rebuilds, crankshaft and cylinder replacements, etc.

Sportique is happy to service “toy grade” Chinese scooters, however we require a $150 deposit and we are not able to provide any type of warranty on work performed on these vehicles.

We love servicing scooters at Sportique and we look forward to earning your business.

Saturday, 04 August 2012 11:14

The Chinese scooter scourge continues

Thanks to stricter controls at America's ports and tighter enforcement of EPA and DOT regulations Nationwide, we have seen a significant slow down in sales of counterfeit scooters made in China. Several local retailers have folded up their tents and gone home. Unfortunately, new opportunists have moved in. We see their advertisements an Craig's List all the time.

The "rub" against Chinese scooters is more commonly understood by consumers than it has been in the past, but there are still some folks out there who do not understand that these cheap scooters are a complete waste of good money.

If you are shopping for a new scooter, please avoid ones made in China and distributed via the web, by a fly-by-night, unlicensed retailer, at a flea market / swap meet or on Craig's List. Most of these scooters, 50cc models in particular, are imported illegally and fail to meet even the most basic safety and quality stardards. They are disposable. Parts and service resources are not available in many cases.

There's a reason that a decent scooter costs more. Dozens of reasons, actually. Chinese machines are not "real". They're fake - and they're garbage. Before you buy one do some research. You wouldn't buy a knock-off of an Apple computer, would you? We didn't think so. Avoid sellers like THIS ONE.

Here are some links to articles on the topic:

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Slow Kids Scooter Gang

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Saturday, 16 June 2012 14:55

Scooter RACING? Sure. Here's some video.

This is a scooter racing video we dug up from Mile High Mayhem back in 2008.

Most local scooter racers ride vintage machines but modern scooters are fun to race, too.

Riders can schedule practice laps on the cart course at IMI Motorsports in Dakono.

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