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Home sweet home. A new era begins on South Broadway Featured

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It first ocurred several years ago to us to consolidate our two Denver metro stores into one central location. After an exhaustive search for the perfect property (we toured over sixty buildings) we finally heard back from a broker about one of our favorite ones, 160 S. Broadway.


The building was constructed in 1906 and has served many functions from a feed store to a post-war Willy's Jeep dealership. Developers were eying the property and a couple went so far as to have architectural drawings done but ultimately none of their plans came to fruition. Once we saw our opportunity we quickly committed to a long-term lease.


We accepted 160 S. Broadway in "as-is" condition. We did all of our demolition work on the interior and hired contractors to replace all of the building's electrics, HVAC systems and plumbing. We invested a pretty penny into setting the place up just exactly the way we wanted it.


Our intention was to move into our new digs back in March 2014 but with delays and problems in the permitting process pushed our occupancy date out repeatedly until we found ourselves moving in mid-summer, right in the heart of our busy season. It was not an ideal set of circumstances but now that we are finally moved in we could not be happier.


We will dearly miss our original location on our remote northwest corner but we're very excited for what the future holds for us on the Hipster Highway. 




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