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Kymco has a blockbuster in the 2013 Movie 150

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Sportique has just received its first shipment of the new 2013 Kymco Movie 150 scooters and we’re already predicting box office success for the Taiwanese-made mid-sized sport commuter. The Movie joins Kymco’s Super 8 150 in replacing the People 150 which is no longer in production.

The Movie is a tad smaller and more compact than the Super 8 150. And, while the Super 8 settles for a drum brake out back, the new Movie 150 sports big powerful discs at both wheels. The engine is surprisingly revvy, which might explain Kymco’s choice to place a tachometer at the top of the gauge package. It pulls very hard in the mid-range and has eye-opening acceleration, which should make it popular with the critics.

One of the first thing about the Movie 150 that grabs ones eye is the lighting package. The fixed headlamp is wide and bright and will light up a night time road like nothing else in this class. It also features a massive tail lamp / brake lamp unit with powerful LED lighting and integrated turn signals (which are disabled for the USA market). Everyone will see this Movie (coming and going).

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Kymco took a scene out from the popular Genuine Buddy by adding a handy dandy open glove box / change purse area to the inner legshield of the Movie. It’s a place to plunk your garage door opener, house keys, wallet or whatever else you might want easy access to. It’s also got a very generous storage area beneath the seat – huge, actually.

The Movie is an ideal little urban commuter and should make a real splash on the Colorado scooter scene. There’s no question that it’s quick. It moves out better than any other 150 on the market. It handles extremely well, too. It’s little, lightweight and fun. But it’s also very refined. Best of all it’s a real, honest-to-goodness Taiwanese Kymco, not one built in China of Taiwanese components.

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